Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Hearts and Flowers Locket Necklace.

When I made this necklace, I was determined to make a simple locket necklace, I wasn't going to add beaded sections along the chain, I wasn't going to add flowers to it, I wasn't going to add so much 'pink color' to it. But as you can see, I FAILED!! What can I say, I love PINK, I love FLOWERS and I love the combination of PINK and COPPER together!!! I just can't seem to do simple and when I do, I don't like it, it feels unfinished. Other designers can and funnily enough I love their simple designs, they don't look unfinished. Oh well, maybe I'll have another go at SIMPLE another day!!
The Hearts and Flowers Locket Necklace is my latest necklace listing on my etsy store, the beads along the double strands of fine antique copper chain are Czech glass milky pink melon beads and between these are gorgeous milky opal pink Czech glass bell flowers. From the front of the necklace, hangs a lovely antique copper locket. The locket is heart-shaped and fully functional, you can keep two photos of loved ones inside your heart! A tiny antique copper heart charm and a gorgeous opal pink flower adorn the front of the locket, turning it from a rather plain necklace into a lovely feminine piece of jewellery. You can view the necklace from more angles in my Etsy store.


  1. That's really beautiful!! You have so many amazing items in your shop!

  2. Ah you make me laugh. That is so like me. Oh...I'm going to keep it simple. Oh...I'm not going to embellish this piece to death. NOT.



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