Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Post From Facebook | Fallen Angel Jewellery Designs - A Sale From Last Week!!!

I love this necklace, it is one of my favourite designs, so simple, yet interesting enough to be eyecatching. I will have to make another (for me!!)

Facebook | Fallen Angel Jewellery Designs: "Fallen Angel Jewellery Designs I sold this piece through my Etsy store last week:
Etsy :: Sweet Little Sparrow - Necklace - FREE SHIPPING

This necklace is so dainty, it is feminine and eyecatching at the same time.A sweet little sparrow, flies toward a gorgeously detailed tree of life pendant, hanging just in front of the cute little bird, ...Read more"

Post from Facebook | Fallen Angel Jewellery Designs - My Latest Etsy Sale!!

Facebook | Fallen Angel Jewellery Designs: "Fallen Angel Jewellery Designs Here is my latest sold item from my Etsy store:

Etsy :: Charm bracelet - Butterflies and Hearts
This charm bracelet has gorgeous lilac glass foil hearts, 15mm in size, and beautiful 20mm antique silver butterfly charms, adorning it. The charms hang from a chunky silver chain. A silver parrot clasp ..."

Facebook | Fallen Angel Jewellery Designs

Here's a post from my FB fan page, to update everyone:
Facebook | Fallen Angel Jewellery Designs: "Fallen Angel Jewellery Designs
The funny thing is since I have been away from Twitter, Facebook and Blogger, my Etsy sales have taken off again!! What is that saying to me?? I have had 5 sales in 7 days, so I am really wrapped about that, now I can buy more beading supplies!!! The really cool thing is that all the sales were around my birthday, so that made my Bday even better!!
FallenAngelDesigns on Etsy - ♥Beautiful Handmade Jewelry ♥
♥Hello, thanks so much for dropping by! SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Because the economy is so bad, I am introducing new designs that are MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE, "

Sorry for being absent for SO long!!!!

I have to apologize to all for being absent for so long!! I had a bad dose of the flu that I nearly recovered from, then one by one, my four beautiful children all got assorted varieties of coughs, colds and flus, ( so they needed lots of attention and cuddles from Mummy!) I also got my flu back, so to say I was feeling a bit tired and worn out is a rather huge understatement!!

My gorgeous eldest son, Jordan!!

My two beautiful girls, Kirsty and Tayla!!

The good news is that the three eldest are almost totally better, only the youngest is still sick, he is only sick at night though with a choking croup-like cough, that gets really scary as he has trouble swallowing and breathing while he has the coughing fits, so I am not getting much sleep at the moment. With the amazing resilience of children, he is a bundle of energy during the day!! Why am I not??

Oh so sweet while sleeping!!! My baby boy Codey!


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