Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Facebook | Fallen Angel Jewellery Designs

Here's a post from my FB fan page, to update everyone:
Facebook | Fallen Angel Jewellery Designs: "Fallen Angel Jewellery Designs
The funny thing is since I have been away from Twitter, Facebook and Blogger, my Etsy sales have taken off again!! What is that saying to me?? I have had 5 sales in 7 days, so I am really wrapped about that, now I can buy more beading supplies!!! The really cool thing is that all the sales were around my birthday, so that made my Bday even better!!
FallenAngelDesigns on Etsy - ♥Beautiful Handmade Jewelry ♥
♥Hello, thanks so much for dropping by! SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Because the economy is so bad, I am introducing new designs that are MUCH MORE AFFORDABLE, "

1 comment:

  1. Gotta be thrilled when the Sales Fairy comes to visit! Frequently when you least expect it. Isnt it nice when the sales actually support the habit?
    ( I do the same thing!) Have a great day!



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