Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Gorgeous New Etsy Banner

I have to show off my gorgeous new Etsy banner, designed by a lovely lady called Octavia from the Etsy shop, "DreambyDay" I have included pieces of the banner as close-ups to show just how beautiful the design is, I am SO happy with it, as you can see from my jewellery designs, it contains all the things I really LOVE, like butterflies, flowers, birds and of course the GORGEOUS colour PINK!!!! LOL, I'm pretty sure from visiting my store you can tell I love pink! ♥

Octavia was so great, she asked me to name all my favourite things and colours, and from that she came up with a beginning design. From there, we had so much fun, changing background colours, adding and taking out design elements, changing the font for the shop name, etc. She was so patient and so sweet, she tried out every single one of my suggestions and believe me there were many!! At one stage, she came up with 10 different designs, all similar, yet different, so that she could get exactly the design that I was after.

I had so much fun opening up my emails from Octavia, each time was like Christmas, with a new design to check out and critique. The other reason it was so much fun was because nothing was ever too much trouble for her.

When I apologized for being so fussy, she made sure that I knew that was fine, she said she was having so much fun designing it for me, she also said that she felt privileged and honoured, that I had picked her to design the "face" of my Etsy store.

Octavia is going to design a blog header and background for my blog next, then she will be designing business cards for me, I can't wait for this!!! Octavia will design custom banners for anyone who needs one. Her shop is filled with absolutely GORGEOUS art prints, so check out her gorgeous work here. This is my favourite one of her art prints, called "Where clouds are born"


  1. Very nice! Simply changing a font or color can make all the difference and with so many choices it's nice to work with some that has patience. Sounds like you found just the person.

    I spent a little time in her shop. It's filled with gorgeous art!

  2. Very well done. The colours are perfect. It is very feminine.

  3. If the banner looks good, it's only because you have impeccable tastes, Brenda :) Thank you so very much for the kind words ♥♥♥

  4. lovely banner, very feminine. I especially love the birds and the butterflies :)



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