Friday, May 1, 2009

Vania's Art

This is a gorgeous painting done by my brand-new 'twitter friend', she has a beautiful blog and an etsy store too, where she sells her beautiful artwork of lovely ladies. She also paints dragonflies,(I'm buying one from her!!!)they are just stunning and she does custom orders too! Her blog address is Her etsy store is called 'Vanias Art Shop', she is away in QLD for holidays at the moment, but will be back on the 20th of May! I tried to add links to this post, but for some reason they didn't want to work!!! I'll see if this one works, the link to the blog!


  1. Beautiful! Thanks for the link...


  2. OH WOW - I am so GOBSMACKED - thanks so much for this lovely thing you have done, posting me on your blog - I have this huge smile on my face, you should just see me - I fill go off to Twitter and see if I can find you - you have made my day, HUGZ Val



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