Friday, June 12, 2009

Custom Twilight Locket Bracelet

Here's some pics of my latest efforts, I had a customer ask for a Twilight locket bracelet, she wanted a smallish-sized heart-shaped silver locket hanging from a fine chain, some tiny charms or beads to depict the Twilight theme and a saying inside the heart locket from the Twilight novel. She wanted the saying covered with resin or something similar, and for the bracelet to have a vintage look to it. so I thought, 'O.k. how hard can this be?'
Famous last words!!!!
I had trouble finding the right sized locket in heart-shaped antique silver, if she had liked antique brass I would have had a million to choose from! I put an apple charm(for the Twilight image) on the locket and hung a gorgeous Swarovski crystal heart (for the heart Edward gave to Bella) and a ruby red Czech glass flower (to symbolize the color of blood for the vampire theme). Then I had to ask an Etsy graphics seller if she could do a custom design for me, which she did, then I had to get her to change it to fit inside the little heart, I'm sure at least 6 times, poor thing, it probably felt like a 100 to her!! But I made a lovely new Etsy friend and we did a barter deal, she purchased one of my charm bracelets that I discounted for the work she had done for me. She is a lovely person and goes out of her way to make her customers happy and her prices are great too! (Thanks so much Jennifer!!)
Then came the fun part, trying to get the image to fit in the tiny heart and learning from making many mistakes how to use diamond glaze and microglaze!

As you can see I finally suceeded, I think the final result made it worth all the effort and frustration (and cursing!)
A HUGE THANKYOU to my wonderful patient customer also, who has waited for so long for this creation, and has never once been annoyed or impatient!!!

At least now if I had to make another, I have all the supplies needed and I know how to do it now! Underneath is a pic of the finished product that took a fair while to come about, waiting for the products to arrive from the U.S. and waiting for the glaze to dry (this took days!). Let me know what you think of the bracelet!!
Here's a link to the Twilight Locket Bracelet, for views from more angles:


  1. Brenda, so good to hear from you after these few weeks - have missed you heaps!!!

    I love love LOVE!!! this bracelet and I will get in touch with you through Etsy because I have a feeling you will be making one for me - the slim delicate chain is great!

    Well done with this buddy, excellent job, and I think you will have a big customer following for anything to do with 'Twilight'!

    Chat soon, Val xxxooo

  2. I love this too and will be forwarding a pic to people who buy me presents! and hope for the best !

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments guys!!!



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