Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some accidents are meant to happen!! - Love Birds - Necklace - My Newest Design

This necklace was designed purely accidentally!! I had made a cluster of gorgeous fuschia-colored swarovski bicone crystals in assorted sizes for another design. When I put it together I hated it, so I just dumped the gorgeous cluster of crystals to the side, really annoyed that I had wasted all that time for a design that didn't work (anyone who works with 4mm swarovski bicones knows that they aren't that much fun to turn the head pins on!!)
Then I looked at it later and saw it sitting under the kissing birds connector and realized how beautifully the colors went together, so the 'Love Birds Necklace' was created!

The pics don't do show just how pretty the necklace is in real life, or how gorgeously rich the color of the swarovski crystals are!
When my 16 y.o. daughter saw the finished design, she tried to steal it, so I'm pretty sure she liked it!! She now wants me to make her one, I'll be pretty busy for a while making her all the designs that she has asked for, lol, at least she is a big fan of my jewellery!
Here's a link to the necklace in my Etsy store, Fallen Angel Designs, check it out for more views and the


  1. I do love happy accidents. I often have beads that I love in my box with no idea what to with them. Then as if by magic it all comes together!!! The moral of the story then is never to throw anything out and keep an open mind.

  2. You have absolultey lovely jewellery - I look forward to following your blog.

    Micky xxoo

  3. Cute necklace :)
    I got your comment on the advertising site and will fix it. I do actually have a blog for just Australian blogs, so feel free to add yourself in the comments there!

  4. Fiona, so do I! It does seem like magic sometimes doesn't it! Very true, an open mind and a creative one also!!

    Hi Micky, Thanks for the lovely compliment! I'm following your blog and your mum's blog too!

    Hi Rocketgirl, Thanks for the compliment too! Also, thanks for sorting out my accident!!
    I think I started following the australianetsy blog last night. I discovered that I am already following your other blog, 'It's not exactly rocket surgery', it was the second blog that I started following!!!

  5. Beautiful design - sometimes 'disasters' bring the most amazing results! Congratulations :-)



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