Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Second Blog Award!!

Sorry for neglecting my blogging lately, but I have been suffering from a really bad dose of the flu, which I cannot seem to shake, I have had it for over 2 weeks now. Because I am taking painkiller/muscle relaxants for my injured jaw, I can't even take cold and flu tablets, as they will react with them, so I am really suffering at the moment.

O.k. now that dose of self-pity is over, I will get down to the real blogging, accepting and passing onto 5 other deserving bloggers my second blog award! I got this fantastic award from my lovely Twitter friend Val, she is one of the sweetest people I have 'met' online and has very quickly become a wonderful friend!! She encourages me when I feel down, even if she is feeling the same way and we always end up happy by the end of our chats, so THANKYOU so much Val, for being such a positive influence and THANKYOU so much for this lovely blog award!!!!

Here comes the hard part, choosing 5 special bloggers to pass this award onto, the first one is not a hard choice for me, Val you so deserve this award to be passed straight back to you!

So here goes with the five that I have chosen, visit all those listed for a real visual treat, they are really beautiful artistic blogs.

1. Val of - Beautiful blog and gorgeous artwork!!

2. Christina of - Really beautiful photographs!!

3. Anne of - Gorgeous whimsical illustrations!!

4. - Fantastic miniature creations!!

5. Irina of - Beautiful photography!!

Well done to you all for creating gorgeous blogs, you all deserve this award!!

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  1. Hey Brenda - THANK YOU so much for your lovely words above, I have a huge smile on my face now :D - everything you wrote goes double for you too, I am so happy to have you as my great Twitter Buddy! lots of hugs coming your way, Val xoxo



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