Monday, April 20, 2009

My Absolute Favourite Pieces of Jewellery!!!!!!!

Here are my absolute favourite pieces of jewellery that I have ever made (so far), and that's a big call as I have over 600 pieces of jewellery that I have designed and made myself in my house at the moment!! I love the colors of the tiny glass flowers, they are pink opal and white opal, so they have a lovely blue shine on them. I also love how beautifully the colors of the beads and the flowers go with the antique copper locket and the findings. The color in the photos of the earrings is not perfect, but if you look at the color in the locket necklace, that it very accurate, and the earrings are a perfect match color-wise with the necklace! Copper and pink is my favourite color combination, as they compliment each other so well!!

These pieces are available in my etsy store!!
My beautiful daughter is modelling the necklace, as I could not do it justice in my photos, you could not see just how pretty it was!

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